A trip

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

I was just sitting in my room that day ,thinking of another topic to blog upon. I was chilled, studying for my exams…At that particular moment I did not thought of exciting adventure coming on my way. my sister (bestiie from the other mother) came to my room and asked -whether I want to go or not. I was stunned because I didn’t knew what she was talking about. she said we are planning something..I said OK..now what?? she said-‘ I am asking you will you be coming or not’..This siblings are irritating sometime…without interrupting her I asked-‘ by the way where are we going’..then she said- “ohh !I almost forgot to tell you that(yaah! almost) .we are going for this forest name siddhvar koot near khandwa district”. At that time I didn’t even familiar with that name.. but after the trip I will never going to forget it for my life.

It was all of a sudden plan for us. It was most awaited trip of our family..because we didn’t went out for long time. late night we decided that we are going tomorrow. she told me to pack my bags up..It was only a two day trip..but it was the most adventurous one..I may sound a little over excited but seriously it was a long time for me to go out on such trip with family and seeing all those Instagram pics of my friends makes me jealous sometime..I always thought that -“yaah they don’t have much work to do ,that is why they are uploading such pics…but i have, i am not addicted to any of these”. but these philosophy is now in crap because I am too uploading pics of mine..

Anyway we depart from our home at 12:30 am and just before that we got to know that our car Tyre is punctured. we then waited for an hour to get it fixed. then we headed to our journey . It was a 6 hour long journey to reach at our destination …there were few other relatives as well who were going with us. by the way we were 8 members in the car(i know how i managed). but it feels nothing when you are going out with your family. we had to wait for our other members of the trip..when we were just waiting we got to see this amazing temple near by. It was beautiful..I was assuming myself in the big TV show set from India…although we clicked amazing photographs and yaah it was a lord Vishnu temple..we prayed and purchased some food items and went forward..your family journey is totally incomplete ,if you are not eating continuously..I mean whenever, I am with my family for some trip there is continuous chewing of my mouth for some snacks..we saw beautiful mountains on our way and amazing formation of cloud..we saw this another Shani temple on our way and went there for worship..if you are with family you have to go to every other temple on your way for them.. ..

Then after long hours we reached “siddhvar koot” ..it was a long and deep forest..we could not even able to see sunlight..it was evening actually when we reached there..and the most amazing part of this forest is that, it is not included in any of the reservoirs but naturally formed and occurred.. Thin roads , deep trees, long grass and hided animals..it was the perfect moment..we were relaxing..seeing the beauty of nature, and discussing about bad luck of future generation..after all they will going to miss it..

w we reached our hotel a little late..we unpacked our bags..and amazing thing is that we were all staying in a single big hall with lots of beds..and we had to make our food by our own..It was kind of a camp, but with family.. we danced, sing, played.. it was fun. then we went for a long walk at midnight in jungle..we were scared initially but it went well..we came to our hall and did mastiii(fun)..there was no sign of sleeping at all.. we even had our late night tea session..next day we woke up early in the morning, because we had to go to the ‘ghat'(place near river) a .whwhen we came back we packed our bags to go to another place. Again we make ‘poha’ for our breakfast. and it took 3 hours to reach this another lake called “hanuvantiya” near khandwa district by M.P tourism in India . It was a artificially created lake, because M.P region is built on a plateau and there is no oceans near by because its in center of India. I did ‘jet skiing’..I cant tell it in words how i felt it for the first moment..It was most adventuring..then we wander there for 2 hours..and move to our cars..it was already 4:00 clock by now..and to reach Indore we needed 5 hours..we depart..we had loud , vociferous singing competition along with radio in our car.. we sang a lot..at around 8:30 pm we went to “apna hotel” for our dinner . they had born fire for cold nights..after almost half an hour , we went back to our home..

at last, i could say it was amazing…..

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert


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